About us

“ Be trendy in every situation “

The Brand

Caro brings the handkerchief back in style with a fun and vintage hanky. They have graphic and colourful designs. They are made in Italy and designed in Belgium.

Caro offers a stylish and practical solution to your everyday needs. We want to make it a daily essential for women, men as well as children.

You can use them as a hankie to blow your nose, wipe your face when you’re sweating, to clean up a spill and as they are beautiful, you can also wear them as a pocket square in a suit, around your wrist and in your hair around a bun or a pony tail. With Caro, you will be trendy in every situation!


We’re creating a lot of waste each day and if you look at the number of tissues the average person uses, that’s totally crazy. Did you know that each year 15 million hectares of forests are destroyed, about ¼ of France?

Ultimately the Caro handkerchiefs are a great alternative to tissue if you’re looking to add a little style to your wardrobe and at the same time reduce your ecological footprint !


The young Belgian founder Caroline Van Genechten decided to bring the hankies back in style in winter 2014. She likes fashion and is concerned about ecology. She was tired to see old-fashioned hankies so she decided to reinvent them completely and make them fresh, fun and sustainable!